Phychoanalysis of the movies


Cinema is very often a tool, which sublime our hidden instincts and create a reality that is simulated, like in a dream. We can try to approach this topic from two different sides. The first side is – of course – the perspective of director, how he put meaning on things and how he interpret the certain aspects in the movie. The second side is us – the viewers – how we take certain things and put a meaning on it.


For every other individual it’s a completely different story. When we have a screetshot – let’s say sth very simple – like a pigeon, yard and a little boy trying to approach this bird – every other person – and I guarantee it – will see on this picture different things. The director will try – for example – to have a close shot on a boys face – to show his emotions (which is the most important for the director in that moment). We (viewers) will not exactly look at the things the same way. Of course – there will be a pattern to follow, because we r not resistant to suggestion or persuasion. But –  we can pay more attention to the pigeon, or to the detail on the yard – sth that has a meaning for us – us a single unit, with a certain life story and certain upbringing.


The main reason, why we r going to the cinema – it’s a desire to enter something forbidden and unknown. The movies are repeating the Oedipus stories (Z. Freud) and they r using the conflict between forbidden and desire. The main element is an emotional identification with a character or a camera. The viewers project their fears and desires on the screen, but – at the same time – they identify themselves with the story.


The viewer is totally defenseless toward the emotions, that the movie is evoking. He is not thinking rationally anymore and he’s totally under the hyphnosis of the movie.

I can write on and on about this topic, but I want to present one person, who absolutely master it. Ladies and gentleman – Slavoj Zizek. The great Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic. I read a lot of his work (because of one of my degrees – culture studies) and I just love, love, love his mind! It’s a hole with ideas that never ends.


Anyway – he created “THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO CINEMA”, in which you can see the psychoanalysis of the greatest movies ever made (from Hitchhock to David Lynch).

You can watch the first part here

and all the rest is on youtube as well. And this is the official side:

Don’t pay attention on his accent (it’s not very good), but on what he is saying, because it’s worth it. Well, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading! cherrylady 🙂

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