Lack of availability – an aphrodisiac?

Sex-And-The-City-sex-and-the-city-24495057-500-3631104221-Gray-Rabbit-Chasing-A-Carrot-On-A-StickI’ve been a fan of “Sex and the city” since I was a teenager. I’m sure like many, many of you ladies as well. That’s the thing – almost every episode had a point, which relates to my life or lives of my friends. I’m not talking about fashion – because that was totally irrelevant for me – I’m talking about patterns, mistakes and all the social conventions, which we can find there.


I will write a lot of posts that relate me somehow to the problems and topics presented in this series, because it has always been such a huge inspiration for me. Besides the typical (and usually very silly) women behaviour, it shows how strong we can be in nowadays world.


Today the issue that I chose is availability or lack of availability. I’ve been struglling with myself many, many times, just because – in most of the cases – it was an aphrodisiac for me – but of course – things like that always end really, really badly. When you met a man that is not so much available, you are starting a hunt, which is always exciting and refreshing. What we gain? Chasing after the rabbit and motivation that we will finally get somewhere, but during the way – we have to run.


The thrill of this hunt can be addictive, but logically thinking – this can be the most masochistic thing that you can do to yourself. When Carrie was in relationship with Aidan (season 3) she was questioning it, just because the guy was too available. She said:

“What was wrong was,

for the first time in my life, I was in a relationship

where absolutely nothing was wrong(..)It feels odd.

I’m used to the hunt. This is… effortless.

It’s freaking me out”

Response of one of her friends was:

“Maybe you don’t believe it’s for real

unless somebody plays hard to get.”


This is the problem – when somebody is starting to be too much into us, we are trying to escape and when we r starting to develop a crush, we are freaking sb out. There is just one recipe for that – experience. After a lot of fails and broken-hearts – enough is enough, and we finally decide to go for a “good” guy. Is it a question of maturity? R we learning from our mistakes? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The answer is very clear, when we are at the point, when we know exactly what we want. And that can be a really hard…

3 thoughts on “Lack of availability – an aphrodisiac?

  1. Love It! Samantha is my alter ego. That Beautiful, lustful, seductive bitch…and Bisexual too! OOOH-LaLa! lol An American Woman Loves European Women. We are bonded by our desire…no?

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