Lisbon – Chapito

chapitoChapito – school of clowns and place where magic is reborn

Number 7 in Tripadvisor from 113 other Lisbon places mentioned there. It’s not a great place to eat, to be honest. But it’s so magical and unique – you cannot miss it, when you are visiting Lisbon.


The place is the best, when you want to taste great wine, listen to excellent performances of fado (on Tuesdays), take part in something different – because “Chapito” it’s not only a café or restaurant – it’s a cultural space.


So – basically – what we have there? A lot of concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions etc. In “Chapito” you can find as well school for clowns and in some special time of the year – juggling or tap dancing classes.


I personally love this place because of two things – the great Tuesday with fado&wine and the neighbourhood. For those of you who do not know what fado is –


Just near “Chapito” we have a “kind of a hidden” miradouro (which is a viewpoint). Now there is a restaurant near this viewpoint, but still – during the day – my favourite thing to do was going there, crossing the crash barrier just on the edge of the building – and sitting with my legs hanging out, looking at the Lisbon rooftops 🙂



What else is special? The whole construction of this place. It has two parts – the first one is outside, surrounded by many lights (big lamps) hanging on the trees – here you can eat and drink a beer, looking at the city. The second part is a bit down, with a space for fado and other performances.

100_5308Here Ireland came to Portugal (and to Chapito):


If you are going to step by in Lisbon some day – Rua Costa Castelo 1-7 is waiting for you and for sure you will not be disappointed. Because – to be honest – how many schools of clowns have you visited in your life? Well – for me – that was the first one and the only one 🙂

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