Alternative ways to…run!



I love to run – that’s the truth. And all my life I have some ups and downs if it comes to my physical abilities. I think the times of glory were more or less in times of high-school – I was in Nike running club back then and it felt really great to have the support from other runners as well. Now – more or less – I’m ok, average. Not good, not completely terrible. Maybe I will come back to the times of glory once again – but it all depends on me, of course.


Many, many people hate to run. Specially long distances. But the most amazing feelings comes with marathons, even mini-marathons like 5 or 10 km. You can really test yourself – and even if you want to die during the way – you will be so proud and happy to finish. But how to convince non-believers? You can always add some fun to all that running – and find some alternative ways. So here it is. What can you do?

1. Dress yourself

Like in many marathons (for example – in London) people are putting on some colourful outfits. These outrageous marathons are proof that exercise doesn’t always have to be a daunting activity. This attention-grabbing costumes spice up the traditional marathon with humor and fun.




2. Get dirty!

3. Make a marathon-party with all the colours

Like in this event – Color run!

4. Run backwards!!

Like in Reverse Marathons! The First Reverse Marathon in history took place at Parque Centenario in Buenos Aires. In order to effectively run in reverse, some athletes had a rear-view mirrors consisting of CDs attached to their caps.


5. Make a funny t-shirt

To have something that will make you remember the day



6. Invite your friends to make a sign!



7. Be creative – motivate yourself, have a bet with somebody. The sea of possibilities here is endless!

So move your butt –  start to have fun – and run! 🙂

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