Friends will be friends

DSCF2440Actually today a bit more personal post. Im gonna explain a bit who we r as a group. Three of us met already in high school, we were living together back then (yes, all of us tasted independence very quicky in our lifes) and then we went together to work in Ireland in the summer. Then, some of us fell in love and stayed in Ireland. I personally went back to Poland to begin my studies and i met another piece of a puzzle. Then all of us travelled and basically the dynamics of the group is changing constantly.

But i love all of my little Santa helpers so much and evenre – we see eachother sometimes once, sometimes maybe twice a year – its like we never change for eachother, we can start a conversation like not even a second passed by since  the last time we were together.

So we had  some reunions recently – and apparently we r gonna change countries soon. Again 🙂 So the plans are – Germany, England, Norway and one of us is going to India just in two weeks! Well of course – this r very flexible plans (besides India – India is sure as hell), so we never know where we’ll end up.

But here r some pictures from one of the reunion with Enya! What we did? Of course we r girls so – shopping! But besides that – we talked and talked and talked, we had fun in the snow and just enjoy this few moments that we had again. So today – personal sharing! 🙂













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