The most romantic endings and not only

Some people think that’s its tacky, this part of the cinema that we bravely called romantic comedies. But the part of this gender we can find in the ocean of other not so romantic movies. What is really “the romantic” factor? Usually sth not realistic, happening between two people, and usually it involves some things from this list:

–          a great “I love you” said in a lots of ways

–          happy ending with flowers, flying cats, tears and clapping dinosaurs

–          a monumental gesture

–          a change happen to one person, or a struggle

–          of course very pathetic words, slow motion

–          and a golden quote that we can add to other golden quotes

Don’t get me wrong, im not being cynical at all. I love this kind of camp, I really do, cause every single thing has a place in a wide storage that cinema really is. And its not fair to laugh at this specific gender, cause at the end of the day, when we r tired and our head can’t stand the reality any more – that’s the best medicine for a lot of things. So let’s not judge, just embrace. Here r some of the best scenes in my opinion, when it comes to “romantic” factor:

You’ve got mail


The last scene


And sth different hahaha – ladies and gentleman – Moonrise Kingdom!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Of course this deserves two really great scenes:

Eternal sunshine….

Garden State:

Pretty women:

Dirty Dancing:

Nothing Hill:


He’s just not that into you:

Pride and prejudice:

And my favorite one! :

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