Russell Brand – damn man, you just have a new fan!

I finally saw the recent interview that was all over the internet and I had no idea it would be so engaging and interesting to watch! So my few thoughts on this:

Firstly Brand as a the social commentator has a lot more potencial, than him being a comedian in my opinion. After this interview I started to watch some other interviews – and from time to time, the man is really on fire.

He brings very clear, focused anger to what he says, I really like that. He has balls to say what he wants and he seems to be fearless in giving his opinions.

About the content – of course, he doesn’t propose any real solutions to the problems he is speaking about – but at least he has some interesting things to point out.

When he is inspired he  can really communicate his insights very well and I really envy him his linguistic skills (although I’m not native english speaker, which can be kind of my excuse).  

I like how he got Paxman out of his comfort zone finally, after a lot of very offending attitude that he had towards Brand. But at the end – I like them both still.

To sum up – really good spend 10 minutes of my life J

4 thoughts on “Russell Brand – damn man, you just have a new fan!

  1. I saw this too and I thought to myself, oh no does that mean I can’t hate Russell Brand anymore? I have to say I agree with everything I heard.

    BTW, I love Poland though I have only been there for 6 days in and around Krakow. Beautiful country and nice people.

    I have 2 degrees too. One more and we can be a 1960’s pop group 🙂

    • Before I didn’t like Brand so much as well, in my mind was just Katy Perry, hosting MTV awards and some really poor movies. But as i wrote – he is a really good social comentator 🙂 I’m glad that you like Poland and Cracow 🙂 And there should be a club for “2 degrees and more” crazy people, who have strange ideas what to do with their time 🙂

  2. I like Russell. He’s great and unafraid. He’s the kind of guy whom you don’t want to know well, lest he tell the brutal truth about you too.

    I like the blog! Look forward to reading more.

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