Kotor, Montenegro

DSC03297           I visited Kotor during my hitchhiking Balkan trip in spring 2011, but I still remember how breathtaking it was. Dark mountains just in front of even darker sea and charming medieval architecture.


Some people have called Kotor the most southern fjord in Europe and there is something true in that. Kotor has one of the best preserved medieval old towns in the Adriatic and is a UNESCO world heritage site.


DSC03296I got there very late in the evening, swimming on the boat from Croatia. All the houses in the down parts of the bay were surrounded by many lights, which made my arrival even more special. I spend there few days with a great company (people in Montenegro are so polite and warm, they meet you on the street and already invite you to their houses for cup of coffee, a meal or a friendly stay). The saying “my home is your home” is very common here.

DSC03300 DSC03299DSC03306

Of course I visited also the medieval ruins, which took me more or less 2 hours climbing and meeting working donkeys on the way – but the view from up is just…well, that’s one of the things I just can’t describe. The feeling I had seeing what I saw made me sit there looong time, just looking, without talk, without many thoughts. A truly meditational experience I recommend to everybody. If i didn’t say enough, maybe the pictures will help me a bit – enjoy!



21 thoughts on “Kotor, Montenegro

  1. That looks a great place to visit – and your photos have many innovative viewpoints too 🙂

    The only place I’ve been where people will step out and invite you into their houses is when I lived on the islands of the Outer Hebrides off the west of Scotland. A very friendly people!

  2. What an excellent post about a destination that few people would consider to visit. You are Polish living in Spain and visit Montenegro and other unusual places?!? Fantastic! By the way: I am a great fan of Poland. What a wonderful month I had in Poland 4 years ago.
    I am glad you like “In search of unusual destinations”. This title sums up your blog as well – I will be back! Phil.

    • hehe, yes, i’m polish 😀 which places you visited when you were in Poland? Me, personally – I’m from Cracow, old city with a student soul 😀 thank you for steping by here 😀

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