Missing Lisbon


From time to time, I’m missing this beautiful city, which I had a privilege to live in for more than one year. Living now in Spain, I also miss the peace and harmony of some districts of this unique place. One of them is Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon.


Mostly in XIX century Alfama became inhabited by the fishermen and the poor, and its condition as the neighbourhood of the poor continues to this day. But nowadays, its not so much “the poor” district, it’s more “the artistic” one. Here we have fado on every corner, here we have labyrinth of narrow streets, great view points and a lots of music, theatre and wine. And then – June’s days are coming to town – and we have Saint Anthony’s celebrations – for one month almost Alfama is full of people and everywhere you can smell the sardines and consume them with bread on almost every corner. Colorful decorations are practically waving to you, when you are putting to your poor body more and more delicious portuguese wine.


This was on one of Alfama’s walls more than one year ago (it’s not existing now):


During the day it’s a perfect place to just be lost. And if you will get lost – but you can see the laundry hanging outside, don’t worry, you didn’t change the district, it’s still Alfama. There is one way to get there not being tired (because like everything in Lisbon – it’s placed on the hill), taking the old yellow tram with number 28. But I personally loved to just walkup there – this way I could discover so much more. Now – some of the photos of this magical place – when I look at them I really want to do just one thing – buy a ticket to Lisbon again. Soon my baby Lisbon, soon we will be together again (I hope) 😀

here my fav way to Alfama and later, some Fado





A beautiful photo “Mirror of Life” by Hugo Augusto. (via, tram 28 to Alfama 😀


12 thoughts on “Missing Lisbon

  1. I haven’t been to Lisbon in decades, my father worked there when I was a child and we would go and visit. They have a painting of washing in the street in their house now to remind them of this beautiful city.

    • “wounded bird”..very interesting metaphore for this city 😀 it has some dark sites for sure, but is full of beauty in almost every way too 🙂 thanks for steping by here 😀

  2. The hills are certainly something Lisbon and Edinburgh have in common. Lisbon has Fado and Edinburgh the bagpipes 🙂 In general I prefer Fado. Again, your photos bring Lisbon to life. It’s probably time I returned.

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