Zagreb, Croatia

DSC02963Usually when people visit Croatia, they step by to see amazing places and little towns – but close to the coast. Zagreb is not close to the coast, but it is a capital of this country. Country that unfortunately is already explored a lot by tourists, but not so long ago it was still not so known. I visit Zagreb in April 2011, so almost 3 years ago – that’s why some pictures maybe don’t fit exactly to the reality of today’s Zagreb (here is an example – cinema at this time)

Zagreb (15)

There are many nice things to see in Zagreb, like the two statues of Saint George. One is situated at the Marshal Tito Square, the other at Kamenita vrata, (over there we can find also the image of Virgin Mary – which is said to be only thing that hasn’t burned in the 17th-century fire).


What I like the most?

It’s has the spirit of European capitals for sure, I found also a lot of bohemian and artistic roots there. I’m not gonna bore you with palaces, churches and museums. I prefer a bit different look, my look at Zagreb.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this city is that one amazing installation that it has.  This art installation is starting in Bogovićeva street and it’s called Nine Views. It represent our solar system – all of the planets – which are hide all over the city. It’s all scaled down of course – and all of other planets are in relative scale with the Sun.


Most of the people don’t know what the statue Prizemljeno sunce (The Grounded Sun) is – so they put graffiti on it.

The city has a charming medieval ‘old city’ spirit with architecture and cobbled streets that can remind you Vienna, Budapest or Prague. I’m not gonna write more – here are some pictures of what I saw in Zagreb, enjoy!

First some amazing flowers in the park in the center (like painted!)

 Zagreb (21)

Some protest i found in the main squere:


And some other things i found in the street:

DSC02990DSC02967DSC02972DSC02977DSC02985DSC02992DSC02980DSC02968Zagreb (23)

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