Coffee, one and only addiction



It’s hard to explain my strange relationship with coffee. Probably it’s like in a case of million other people. When I wake up and have this first cup of the day – it’s really a sign that another adventures are coming. It motives me to work and give me a drop of happiness. There is one country in which the coffee is just marvelous. It’s not Italy, I’m sorry, I was in Italy two times and I taste different Italian coffees. The winner in this competition – for me – it’s definitely Portugal. So how many types of coffee do we have there? A LOT.


Let’s make a rainbow of coffees!! 🙂 From the strongest to the weakest.

So – first of all – known everywhere espresso – other name is just café, italiana or (in Lisbon only) bica. Basically is just a pure black, strong coffee served in a small cup. Three sips, 80 cents (more or less in Portugal) and you’re good to go.


The next one is café pingado. The original name came from the verb “pingar” which means “drop”. So the form stays the same – small espresso cup, but we r adding a few drops of milk.



Then we r moving on to the more “milky” kind of coffees. Meia de leite is fifty-fifty. 50 % milk, 50 % coffee, served in an elegant, standard coffee cup.

Very similar to meia de leite is garoto. It’s also fifty-fifty, but depending on the place – they r usually serving it in different cups.


Then, there is my favourite one, galão. This has definitely more milk and it’s served in a tall glass, instead of a cup. The price is usually around 1,20 euros.

The weakest in a coffee flavour are cariocas. Carioca de café and carioca de limão. This last one is not a coffee at all, but I mentioned just because of the connection with the first one.


Of course – in different regions – we can find more names and more specific types of coffees, this one presented by me, it’s just a basic coffee menu.


The most pleasurable thing to do in Portugal is entering “Pasteleria” (kind of coffee place with a lot of pastries) and ordering a coffee and a cake. Pastelerias are almost in every corner ( the same as cabeleireiros – hairdressers – I will never understand why Portuguese people need so many hairdressers). So drinking coffee there is not only a habit – it’s a ritual.


Some day I will write sth about biological and health aspects of coffee (but probably most of you already have this knowledge). For now – let’s join – all the coffee-lovers. May the next coffee that you drink will be the best coffee in your life. And may the caffeine (force) be with you!


Thanks for reading, cheerylady


Apple pie!


It is one of the easiest and most delicious thing to do. There is a strange feeling about baking that I always have. Whenever I’m baking something, I feel more calm and happy, it’s like the cheapest medicine for a bad weather or a bad mood. If you don’t know what to do with yourself – bake! That’s what we did one day – me and Cristina – to pump up our positive energy and satisfy our belly’s 🙂 It’s really simple and don’t cost much – so everyone can make it!

Let’s start then. What do we need?

 For the cake:

500 g of flour

150 g of butter

8 big spoons of powder sugar

around 10 big spoons of water

For the filling:

1 kg of apples – it can be different types of apples, usually people prefer sour apples, but I love it with normal, sweet apples

150 g of sugar

1 big spoon of cinnamon

5 big spoons of coco powder

And some creative part – around 100 g of red fruits – it can be strawberries, raspberries, just sth that give this additional “kick” to our flavour

Ok let’s start to make it then!

First part – Let’s prepare a cake :


To the flour we r adding firstly butter and powder sugar. We have to mix it very carefully and then we have to slowly add water – spoon by spoon – until our cake will have just one colour. Then, we have to put it inside the fridge for about 25 min.


Second part –

While our cake is in the fridge, we can make a filling. So- we need to grind our apples (smaller the wholes in the grater – the better, of course we have to peel the apples before) and add sugar. Then – we r warming this filling on the pan for about 15 min (don’t burn it!). During that time we can take our cake and split it into two half’s. The first half we need for “the bottom” so we have to roll half of the cake, until it will have more or less 0.5 cm. Then, we have to put our cake into our baking form (which has to be all covered in some kind of butter or oil). Then, we put inside the form our filling, to which we had to add coco powder, cinnamon and fruits that we choose. The rest of the cake we r using to make ‘the top” (also 0,5 cm).






The last part-

We have to put our form into the oven for about 40 minutes (temperature- 190 degrees). When it will be gold and we start to smell it all around the kitchen – that’s means it’s ready. After just add a bit of powder sugar on the top of the cake to make it look really nice. Bon apetit!



And someone couldn’t wait to taste it! 🙂


Thanks for reading! cherrylady