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13 cool facts about a kiss


I personally wrote a essay about this topic once, it was an anthropology class or something connected with ethnicity. It came back to me recently and I thought about the post – so here are 13 cool, funny and sometimes shocking facts about a kiss. Maybe you know some of them – but for sure not all. Dig in!


1. In some cultures  – during the ritual of kissing –  the mouth is not used at all. Maori people and people of Inuit – rub their noses , Indians Capaya from Ekwador – smell the hand of their friends as a greeting, some tribes of New Guinea  – put a hand under the armpit of another person and  after – they are rubbing this hand over their own body to conserve the smell!!!!


2.  There is a type of kissing called osculum infame, which means „kissing in the ass” literally. Long time ago it was considered as a tribute to devil. It was one of the accusations in the case against Knights Templar. However in old Greek beliefs Gods were supposed to kiss eachother in the ass – and it wasn’t the bravest sexual act possible for them.


3. During the kiss heart beating increases from 75 to 150 beats for a minute, and during average kiss we burn 12 calories.


4. That’ obvious – most of us kiss with closed eyes. But what you don’t know probably is that Greeks called this phenomenon with one word – myei  which means „outside blindness”. We do that to unite in one reality and find another person „inside world”.


5. Most of us kisses with turning the head RIGHT. It’s considered a reminiscence of our prenatal life  – in the last trimester of pregnancy fetus has a tendency to turn the head right.


6.  In a culture of one Indonasian city Banjar Kaja Sesetan there is a celebration of kissing called Omed-omedan. This day everybody kisses openly with everybody – it’s believed that this ritual is protecting the citizens from danger. Male participants are pulling and kissing girls while other villagers are pouring buckets of water towards them. What it’s interesting is that this tradition is one of a great way to find a boyfriend or girlfriend over there 😀


7. „Kamasutra” lists over 30 types of kisses.


8. French kissing similar to human (in a formal and funcional way) we can observe only in a chimpanzees Bonobo (pan paniscus) – research by Frans de Waal.


9. 10 % of the world doesn’t kiss at all – there are  places in the world that people don’t kiss for many reasons, one of them is that some cultures find it dirty.


10. During the kiss we exchange:

  • 40 000 microorganisms
  • 250 different types of bacteria
  • 0,7 grams of proteins
  • 0,45 grams of fat
  • 0,19 grams of other organic compounds


11. Many scientists believe that kissing evolved from kiss feeding, a process used by mothers to feed their infants by passing chewed food to their babies.


12. The longest kiss? Couple from Bangkok held a kiss for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds on14th of February 2013 during the event called  “kissathon”.


13. And finally – lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of the fingers. Not even genitals have as much sensitivity as lips. Kind of hard to believe – I know, but I guess it’s no way to really find out if it’s true.



Girls vs Girls

tumblr_mgdnc211Qh1qzquluo1_500Let’s combine sth old and sth new. From TV. What pops throw my mind – Gilmore Girls and Girls. What can I say – two rather girly shows, but both have qualities that put other shows far far (like really far) away.

In Gilmore Girls we have mother-daughter connection, great monologues – very sharp, smart, with lots of cultural inter-connections. And this kind of warmth, happiness about so many little things like coffee, snow, movies or lunch 🙂 I don’t have enough time to explain why Gilmore Girls are fabulous.

In Girls we just have a group of twenty-something girls living in New York. Sounds so close to “Sex and the City”, but its not at all. We have cynicism, everything is more grey, more down-to-earth and because of that – more dirty and real 🙂

Here r some of the nice quotes from both series, enjoy!
















Screens ep. 1

New years is coming, so something light and easy to eat 🙂 Favorite movies – and to be more precise – screenshots from favorite movies. Of course it’s just a part of my huge “Fav. Movies” collection – but these ones r warm and they always work as a creme for a troubled soul – if you know what i mean 🙂 Well – enjoy then!tumblr_m3scb6xvQl1qcb58yo1_500




Movies: Juno, The Piano, Garden State, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Milk,  Children of Heaven, Little Miss Sunshine, Bad Education, Dead Poets Society

And for the dessert  – Jess 🙂



Oh, just give me a hug already :)

tumblr_meud14uEwH1rjqs8do1_500Happiness is an unexpected hug.


I have a present for you, but I need to borrow your arms for wrapping paper.  ~Author Unknown


Today the topic is light, funny and very warm. Yes, we r talking about hugs. How hugs can help us become more happy every day? Well, the answer to a question : how our bodies respond to love and affection is a hormone called oxytocin. Most of our oxytocin is made in the area of the brain called the hypothalamus. Some of that is released into our bloodstream, but much of its effect is thought to reside in the brain.


I love hugging.  I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug ten people at a time.  ~Drew Barrymore


Oxytocin makes us feel good when we are close to family and other loved ones, including pets. It does this by acting through what scientists call the dopamine reward system. Dopamine is a brain chemical that plays a crucial part in how we perceive pleasure.


No matter how hard you hug your money, it never hugs back.  ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Oxytocin does more than make us feel good. What else can it do?

-lower the levels of stress hormones in the body

-reduce blood pressure

-improve mood and increase tolerance for pain


Have you hugged yourself today?


So – human brain naturally produces oxytocin during few things actually: breast-feeding, orgasm, hugs, snuggling, holding hands, partner dance, massage, bodywork, and prayer.


Yes, hugs as well. At least 8 hugs per day it’s a medicine to feel a lot happier. After only 20 seconds of hugging someone, one can achieve a spike in oxytocin levels, as well as a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels. So do yourself a favor—go hug someone 🙂


Everybody needs a hug.  It changes your metabolism.  ~Leo Buscaglia


Alternative ways to…run!



I love to run – that’s the truth. And all my life I have some ups and downs if it comes to my physical abilities. I think the times of glory were more or less in times of high-school – I was in Nike running club back then and it felt really great to have the support from other runners as well. Now – more or less – I’m ok, average. Not good, not completely terrible. Maybe I will come back to the times of glory once again – but it all depends on me, of course.


Many, many people hate to run. Specially long distances. But the most amazing feelings comes with marathons, even mini-marathons like 5 or 10 km. You can really test yourself – and even if you want to die during the way – you will be so proud and happy to finish. But how to convince non-believers? You can always add some fun to all that running – and find some alternative ways. So here it is. What can you do?

1. Dress yourself

Like in many marathons (for example – in London) people are putting on some colourful outfits. These outrageous marathons are proof that exercise doesn’t always have to be a daunting activity. This attention-grabbing costumes spice up the traditional marathon with humor and fun.




2. Get dirty!

3. Make a marathon-party with all the colours

Like in this event – Color run!

4. Run backwards!!

Like in Reverse Marathons! The First Reverse Marathon in history took place at Parque Centenario in Buenos Aires. In order to effectively run in reverse, some athletes had a rear-view mirrors consisting of CDs attached to their caps.


5. Make a funny t-shirt

To have something that will make you remember the day



6. Invite your friends to make a sign!



7. Be creative – motivate yourself, have a bet with somebody. The sea of possibilities here is endless!

So move your butt –  start to have fun – and run! 🙂